Agoprene is a materialtech startup from Trondheim. Agoprene is developing foam rubber from plant fibers to help the furniture industry reduce their need for petrochemicals.

Agoprene have proven how to use plant fibers to reduce petrochemicals used in multiple classes of polymer materials. Combining fibrous plants and producing plant fiber-based rubber foam alternatives sequesters CO2 while creating mechanically superior products. 

Agoprene have the potential to transform materials and the rubber foam industry by providing a means for furniture manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint while minimal effort.

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Did you know?

Petrochemicals are rapidly becoming the largest driver of global oil consumption? 

They are set to account for more than one third of the growth in oil demand by 2030, and nearly half by 2050, ahead of trucks, aviation and shipping.



Business: Sem Sælands vei 1, Trondheim

Development: Fornebuveien 46, Lysaker

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